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Cala d’Or

Welcome to our restaurants

Come by one of our stylish restaurants, and you and your family will have the best time on your holiday!

In the year of 1998, we started our first restaurant right in the center of Cala D’or: The Taste of Texas. In our famous steak house, you can eat one of the best steaks in town, fresh of the grill. We opened another restaurant right across the street a few years later: The Pirate. Here, we have a very extensive menu with dishes from all around the world. All of our restaurants are very family-friendly with a wide range of menus, both food and drink wise. 

And let’s not forget about our restaurant in the beatiful harbor of Cala D’or, Old West. Enjoy a perfectly cooked steak or a nice piece of fresh fish with a good glass of wine. With a cool breeze coming from the sea it is the perfect setting for a romantic evening or a relaxed dinner with the entire family.

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Our Restaurants

Steakhouse the Taste of Texas

The Taste of Texas is one of the famous restaurants of Cala d’Or. Known for the best grilled burgers, steaks, ribs and many other dishes for over 20 years. The Taste of Texas is the place to be.

Restaurant the Pirate

Pirates, the free from the past who’d conquer the seas and explore the lands far, far away. It is the main reason why this restaurant has such a wide range of dishes.

Steakhouse Old West

The Old West is the best steakhouse in the harbor of Cala d’Or. The large menu, daily fresh ingredients, dry-aged meat and the wide range of wines makes it one of the most popular restaurants of Cala d’Or.

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Our restaurants are located at the exciting center and the beautiful harbor of Cala d'Or.

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